Friday, January 4, 2008

Interview with Sergio from Thieves and Villains.

Double whammy today. So if you talk to me on a regular basis you probably know I've been passing out left and right for the past two days. But I managed to get an interview late last night from Sergio, singer/guitarist of Thieves And Villians. He was really a super sweet guy and we were able to work around the fact that I was losing conciousness every once in a while. Thieves And Villians are generating a HUGE buzz on the internet. Its almost impossible to listen to their music and not want to get up and dance. Their music is incredibly infectious and its great for those who like All Time Low and Jimmy Eat World.

E-Minor: How long have you been playing in Thieves And Villians?

Sergio: Since we started in late February 2007. I sing and play guitar.

E-Minor: Wheres your favorite place to play shows?

Sergio: I really love The Element in Colorado Springs CO. The venue is so awesome and the kids are sick, its a whole community of music lovers. and warped tour in detroit was crazy.

E-Minor: Describe your worst show.

Sergio: We've actually had a lot so its hard to narrow down just one. but really any night that theres no energy in the room, im really sick, or equipment malfunctions is a nightmare.

E-Minor: Since you guys seem to be cereal fans, in a no holds barred battle to the death, who would win: Count Chocula or Toucan Sam?

Sergio: Count chocula would choke out that bitchy tucan anyday of the week.

E-Minor: So you guys are playing in the Man Whores and Open Sores tour [with All Time Low] unless something went horribly wrong as of five minutes ago. How do you prepare for tours?

Sergio: Make sure merch is fully stoked, make sure all guitars and gear is in top shape and be stacked with excess cables and strings and such, get the van all inspected and checked out, pack our bags, and muchh more.

E-Minor: Easy Cheese: Unconventional delicacy or distaster in a can?

Sergio: Delicious!

E-Minor: I know theres a lot but what should we be expecting from you this year?

Sergio: We will most def be doing an insane amount of touring with really cool bands and signing with a cool label and putting out an official release this year. just a lot of fun and good music!

E-Minor:Whats the best way for someone to hear your music?
Sergio: Myspace [] without a doubt but you can find it on purevolume [], limewire, and a lot of other creepy places.

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